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How to streamline the provisioning of new radios or bulk update several radio aliases in the system?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The below spreadsheet is the information that will be used to activate and program the template.

  • Alias - This will be the alias that is programmed into the device, the system and reporting system to more easily identify the radio activity.
  • SerialNumber - This is the serial number associated to the device.
  • DesiredTemplate - This is the template to be programmed into the radio. By default, we will use the fleet template. Most agencies operate on a single template. For those that have more than one template, indicate the template needed.¬†
  • Replacing Serial Number - Indicate if this device is replacing an existing serial number. Billing invoices are tied to the number of radios on the system. If there is not a corresponding replacing serial number, this radio will be added to the inventory. If this is only for changing of aliases on an existing radio, simply repeat the serial number in this field.
Once completed choose the Radio Alias Update Bulk help topic and upload the file.

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